When Wolves Desire Testo

Testo When Wolves Desire

She The Shadow Brought To Me, A Graveyard Gift In Secrecy
As She Weeps; Skin Embraced By Teeth

Her Blood Filthy Breasts, Evokes My Dreams To Flesh
In Night's Passionate Flame, I Am The Pleasure That Brings Her Pain

I See Her Eyes Glow With Fear
Under The Night Sky
I See A Grin Blessed With Tears
Embraced In Lust's Surprise

Angels Weep For They Are Deceived
Forever Cursed Immortality
Tonight We Breath A Desiring Feast
To Shed Her Of Her Curiosity
To Walk Forever In Secrecy
Flesh Driven Pleasures In Beastiality
And As Her Heart Opens To Me
I Welcome Her To The Land Of Lycanthropy

She Walks With Me....In Darkness
She Took My Hand....For Her Last Caress