Sweet Misery I Foresee Testo

Testo Sweet Misery I Foresee

Amidst The Vast Oceans Of Sadness
Obscure Is The Season Of Woe
Weakened I Suffer So Significantly
'Tis Emptiness Of Which My River Flows

I Can See The Sky Is Falling
I Can Feel The Earth Move Round
I Can Hear My Death Is Calling
Secluded From Life I Am Crowned
I Can See That Time Is Fading
I Can Feel My Life Unbound
I Can Hear Suicide Is Calling
From The Other Side; Profound

Imprisoned By The Ail Of My Affection
Forgotten: My Memories Deceased
Battered, Benumbed, Bleak And Broken
Eternal Shall Be The Existence Of Grief

Unanimated And Subsisting To Wither
Fading I Perish...Abandoned In My Wretchedness

Sweet Misery I Foresee