Heart Ain't ABrain Testo

Testo Heart Ain't ABrain

[ Verse 1: ]
It's a 360 turn
Sittin' where we begin
Beginnin like
here's the end
Like kissin
And missin class
But we needed to learn
Was different
Than just some math
It's the big picture
We missed it
The figures just
didn't add up

[ Pre-Chorus: ]
We said
let's not leave
on bad terms
In between
Them bad words
This could be love right?
Uh, huh
But are we gon' leave
When it's this good?
Damnit just cause
Seems this lovin's
All for nothing
Baby, you know
[ Chorus: ]
A heart ain't a brain
But I think
That I still love
you (still love you)
A happy endin'
Makes it right
Cause it ends
When you don't
want to (don't want to)
And it makes perfect sense
To end it like the start
How do I explain
This nonsense to my heart?
A heart ain't a brain
But I'm thinkin'
That I still love you

[ Verse 2: ]
It's a fly twist
Just when you said
I got this
Right when the fight
Has stopped it
Seem my body felt wrong
Held on them nights
We held on
We can't let it go
But if we don't then
We will never know

[ Pre-Chorus ]

[ Chorus ]

[ Bridge: ]
ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh
My heart is achin'
Thinkin' 'bout all the
love we wasted
ooh, ooh, oooh
My heart's impatient Can't
the time
we're takin'
My heart can't have
My heart can't decide
But it's tellin'
me it's right
And I know that
We should just
call it quits
But I'm thinkin'
that all of this
Gotta Change
'Cuz my heart's
goin' insane

[ Chorus ]