Rest Of My Life Testo

Testo Rest Of My Life

Baby, Love
It's gettin cold,
Hold me
My hairs down
Soak sheet

Might have to go away tonight,
Cause I gotta feelin my days are numbered
This might be the day...
I close my eyes for eternal sleep
No more wakin up to Sunday morning... Now
Live to Learn, Learned alot.
Tonight I'm clocking out

This is my last kiss,
My last wish,
My last chance,
My last dance,
My last Gift to give you
My love.

It's the last time I'm holding you...

Rest of my life with you tonight
Spendin rest of my life with you tonight [x3]

[Chris Brown:]
Wanna close in yeahh
Wonderin when I see you again
And you lie, you wonder why,
So this time I won't be right back
But I'll be your shining star
A memory in your arms.