Blindly We Buy It Testo

Testo Blindly We Buy It

Breathe in, exhalation
A world based on procreation, and domination,
Hispanic, white, or Asian,
We are all thrown into this globe we call a nation,
Blindsided, our pride is divided,we all think we live for a reason,
In this life thats provided,
Your job, your house, just air in life's wheel
Your money and spouse, make you think that its real

Obsolete, in just, don't matter the measure,
Constantly drowning yourself with things you think bring pleasure,
So caught up with useless consumer products,
They bait and they reel, but they know they've bought us,
The bigger our car and t.v, we feel more accomplished
But we all die anyways, to me thats knowledge

An understanding that we stand apart but as one,
A grievance, a shadow, that keeps the shade in the sun,
The product that you own, eventually starts to own you,
Classified by classes, some receiving better food,
Some gaining better health care, some grasping cleaner land,
Since when was it ok to classify a man

We all got the same parts, we should all be treated as equal,
I'm done with this phony life, in death comes the sequel

If everyone around you could see, such an incapability
With all this money and greed,
Thats what we're all about
These copyright lives we all lead believe what you see on the t.v
Some burn and toil others thirst for oil

The sun rise at night, light blinding our eyes
This world is gone forever
A living breed disaster

There's no compromise the end of the line
Political stream with cancer
..a living breed disaster

If everyone around you could see such a lack of possibility
This life I lead oh god set me free
All of our ways have me confused light a fire, breathe in all the fumes
We've lost ourselves, but were very proud