The Many Times Testo

Testo The Many Times

The many times I've loved, I've lost, and won,
The many times I've seen the light,
Before the sun,

This time I won't let you get away,
My heart is in your hands and it's there to stay,
Whatever you choose to do, it's up to you,
Today I must say, I declare love on parade,

Ooh baby, you drive me crazy
Go ahead and try, but you just cant change me,
They say love, it last's forever,
You were my sun in this rainy weather,
And now it's raining baby, can't ever change me

In time girl I'll find those words to say,
Make or break I'll still love if you go or stay,
Your beautiful I hope he makes you smile,
But chasing an empty love's never been my style,

Ooh girl do you love or hate me?
This love ain't lost so don't try to replace me
Still they say love, it last's forever,
When I'm with you girl it couldn't get better,
And now it's rainy baby, can't ever change me