Heavy Machines Testo

Testo Heavy Machines

Riding a low sky train to her
Counting the stations remaining
A hard rain falls down to delay my heart
There's nothing worse than the waiting

Surrendering to circumstance
I try to express my feelings
In the middle of a letter meant for her
I fall asleep and I start dreaming
Green grass grows like trees here
I shrink to the size of a clothespin
I'm stopped by the stones police who question
If my heart is holding

I plead that I'm not satisfied
With the way the world is bleeding
Then she appears and calmes my fears
With the words she keeps repeating

Never drive heavy machines
When you're taking strong medication
All is not all it seems if you've got no destination
And I'll be by your side
No reason to run and hide from a thing called love

Red lips turns to cherry pie, oh why can't I stop eating
Wishbone cracks and I hang on to the lucky piece remaining
Suddenly I'm waking up by a conductor who's been waiting
I hand in my ticket and pounder on the words she kept repeating

The train arrives at the stop filled with hesitation
I look down at the letter I wrote
And I read the words I was dreaming