Please Sister Testo

Testo Please Sister

I see the city lights that you don't see
'Cause I'm standing on the hill
Did you know my throat is aching so I'm trying to be still
A torn up photo in my back pocket
And a roadmap in my hand
It is all so very crystal clear but I still don't understand

Please sister, help me make it on my own
I'll try to move in, there's no looking back
'Cause I've got to carry on

We never even really tried to be satisfied with what we have
But that's the price of human nature
Still I'm strying to be glad
I'm backing out of the situation
With my back against the wall
I try to dig a hole or try to jump so high till the sky is gonna fall

Please sister help me make it on my own
I'll try to be strong, I'll look straight ahead
'Cause I need to move along

I know I've got a load of questions
'Cause after all I'm just a man
I never needed it up till now
But help me if you can