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Testo Her Lips Destroy

Breathe easy little girl, you're alone now,
what a funny thing to want in a small town,
i don't even know what it was behind your eyes,
was it pain, was it relief, was it another good time,
sometimes i miss love thyne, just to save myself,
sometimes i need my friends just to pull me outta hell,
it's fucked up that you smiled at the top of the steps,
how many seconds did it take to turn itself into regret,
not even about sex, it was about a best friend,
having a hand to hold through the pain and the stress,
i'm a mess, and that's not really unexpected,
things can get drab, life can get hectic,
and yeah i thought i'd count 'em it was only seven months,
i guess i lasted longer than you're last good fuck,
ask me if i wanna rendezvous to somewhere,
whatever's best for me, i know you really don't care,
with my foot to the pedal, red roses in front seat,
pluckin' off these petals, hopin to god that she loves me,
she loves me not, she thinks reclusive hits the spot,
i know i didn't give you all, but i gave you what i got,
i dressed in all black for a damn good reason,
johnny cash had a good feeling you were leavin',
i guess it was the season you were gettin' pretty cold,
i did the same in return, turned my heart into stone,
and every monday and thursday i won't be watching tv,
i'll be regretting the day i lost my friend,
sittin on a big rock as the giant sun sets,
always chasing amy while laying in my bed,
i'm not angry or depressed, i'm a little upset,
and if i ever get to hate you, hope to god we never met,
look me in the face, you don't have a thing to say,
you need to be alone and still call me on the phone,
what a complicated way of lookin at a new us,
well you wanna be alone, so i don't give a fuck,
we were good with laughs, we were good with lust,
it was too much of a good thing, i guess you'd had enough,
you get what you give and i gave you my all,
return my presents or you can give 'em to,
too much time on my hands and no one to hold 'em,
but please leave me alone, i'm busy at the moment,
welcome to the wonderful world of having nothing,
no one to kiss, no one to hold or touch me,
and that's just fine, i can make it right through,
but brass knuckles couldn't knock me out the way that you do...