The Giving Tree Testo

Testo The Giving Tree

(feat. Wes)

Oh you, not you, no way not again,
can't trust you, love you, not like i did,
confused little kid on the inside right,
bruised up past, it's a hard knock life,
alright, i'll give you this one chance,
step light on a floor that's got broken glass,
see a shard in your heal, how does it feel,
must sting and burn to know, what's real,
you can throw 4 letters at me, all you like,
it won't change what's wrong from, what's right,
the past few weeks were nice, i won't lie,
these branches have thorns and they're hard to climb,
i need to stay here, at the bottom with my friends,
you're wreckless, selfish, admit what you did,
there's plenty out there that'll spell it correctly,
today i leave you unlike the day you left me,

go on, move on, there's another one,
and another one,
and another one,
give me one reason i should stop breathin'
for this one, no not for this one,

theres another one and you make it so hard
my reason for breathin in sixteen bars
with your hand bag heart thats that louis v leather
i tried to get inside but the rain was much better
pulled the weeds planted seeds thinkin this would grow
but i'm done playin johnny appleseed role
but to be honest it was hard to give up
lies before trust love between lust thats us
and we both know it was hard lettin go
even from afar i could see you can't stay a float
your my favorite joke and the punchline kills
you know, the one about not knowin how love true feels
if its dog eat dog i'll stick with kibbles and bits
cuz i never really like the taste of straight up bitch
your falling with no rescue now
you could cry me river i hope you dumb ass drowns

social butterfly pumpin up so high,
flappin gums and lungs, just to get by,
step up on a soapbox, megaphone grip,
heart locked to a chain, hangin from her neck,
that kind of bling can stay in videos,
on movie screens and fictional dreams,
not everything is always how it seems,
that's true about you, that's true about me