Music For Aliens Testo

Testo Music For Aliens

(feat. El Negro)

From the bay to the oc, hyphie and gold teeth,
checkin' hot wifey like, i'm stealin trophies,
here to san fran, my daily plan-
-et, got more fans than a rhymin superman,
i pack kryptonite, for emcees that bite,
i like my music fat, i'm never switchin to lite,
i like to write, but i can freestyle flow,
i knew this track finna clean from the very get go,
el negro and R-O kill collabos,
drop a beat from the needle and i, can handle,
dismantle it scramble your guts like rambo,
bob ya head, i know you diggin' the sample,
west coast with the most, oh, you didn't know,
yeah they try real hard, but they can't come close,
grab a pen and paper, silly rappers take notes,
maybe one day you could step to this, bitch

from oc to the b.a.y its on me,
when it comes to raping I'm the recording Kobe,
see i flow so different make it hard to clone me,
im hot so before she touch this she gotta blow me,
surgery get closed to yo heart like r.o.,
together go good like a rootbeer float,
dip set get her wet till she ss soaked,
in my frisco fitted i rool like indo,
from the v.a.l.l.e.j.o,
scoring touchdowns announcer's yell out el negro,
spill ink when i think imma micro freak,
went solo cuz my group broke up like n'cync,
hip hop gum drop blow pop punk rock,
what ever it is im on my toes like filp flops,
n.e.g.r.o and rocom,
myspace got us connected like voltron