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Testo I'm Here

[Verse 1: D-Mac]
Ahem... hello world I'm D-Mac
Best in Dade bar for bar I be that, believe that
Brownsub yeah that's where I be at
On top's the next spot that you'll see me at, I'm taking off
Learned how to bounce back after I take a lost
Get my Mariah on and shake it off
See I was born in raised in the county of Dade
Where you're taught by all means get paid
That was back in the days and reallt ain't nothing changed
Since the fact we used to fade when we was a certain age
And now you get sprayed but I ain't ready to die
So I keep the 4-5 with me right on my side no lie
I eat, sleep, shit, breathe, bleed 3-0-5
You feel me? really
I don't feed into none of the grudges held against me
Cause it ain't never been about nothing but fucking envy
And what gets me is haters wanna tempt me
Like I won't pop the glock until it's empty, shit'n me
I'm a man nigga you ain't finna bitch me
You just wanna make a scene hoping that a bitch see
Ahh I get it I ain't fooling with you niggas
I see a bigger picture I'm making a transition
Until I ain't living I'm a do what y'all don't
And that's keep it 100 like a lot of y'all won't wussup

Hey how you doing?... if you don't know me get familiar...

Knock on the door wipe my feet on the mat, It's time for all y'all to meet D-Mac I'm Here!

[Verse 2: D-Mac]
Yeah, attitude like fuck the world
If I make you sick go fucking hurl
I'm the mac homeboy I don't cuff no girl
Shoutsout to all the niggas trying to fuck my girl
Ha, do your thing homie I ain't mad at ya
But throwing shots at me just gon' make me laugh at ya
I'm on some other shit with the pictures that I paint
Trying to show you that I'm bout to do what they say I can't
I'm trying to show you that I'm really everything they ain't
And I ain't scared to say whatever I really think
I ain't walking round like my shit don't stank
I'm just trying to live life and put chips in the bank
See we all entitled to our own opinions
And mine is I don't care about the one you giving
Somebody out there listening, and to me that's a blessing
I hope you interested, Here Goes my First Impression, I'm Here

Naw like formal I'm here... like... I ain't going nowhere... here to stay...

Fuck your thoughts, criticisms, and your feelings
Somebody better tell them D-Mac in the building I'm Here!