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Testo My Will

God forbid but I pray, if I die today
This song'll speak the words that I never got to say
Hey... so let it play

[Verse: D-Mac]
Whether it's a crash, or bullet holes going through my shirt
Give my mama every single dollar that I'm worth
And give my little brother every single thing I own
Cause even though he younger shit he nothin but my clone
Tell him be a man, take care of our home
Keep our sister in them books don't let her grow to be a shone
And tell my pop Kevin Watts that I love him
I cherish all the time spent 2009 summer
Tell my grandaddy he my idol and my hero
Cause I ain't never told em and ain't really sure if he know
Contact every family member if you can
And let em know it's nothing more important than the fam
Sincere thanks to everyone of my fans
I appreciate you all just for giving me a chance
Damn... Just for giving me a chance
Yeah... And tell all my niggas
If I go ya'll all better pour a lil liquor
Cause ya'll know our bond couldn't get more realer
And if I'm ever murdered ya'll ride on the killer
Rock my shirt and button and while I rest in peace
Don't ever let a nigga name die in these streets
You feel me?
See I ain't sure if it's my conscience coming up with this nonsense yet
Got me looking in the rear view like every 5 secs
Like the devil on my back feel em breathing on my neck
Tryin to whisper in my ear bout what's next
I think somebody following me damn I hate it when the light red
Could it be a robber tryna stick me for bread?
Could it be revenge for some shit that I dun said?
Or some shit that I dun did & they got money on my head?
See I dun jumped, robbed, and shot at niggas
Karma came back round but I ain't sure if she finished
I try to tell myself mac relax boy you trippin
But when I go to chillin then I'm feelin like I'm slippin damn
Then I start pistol grippin, trigger finger itchin, left eye twitchin
Man, then I start reminiscing, bout all of my homies that I'm missing
I know one day I'll be with em', ay but I ain't in no rush
But if I'm deaths next victim, then hearing this songs a must
My head held high, prayers to the sky
To know me is to love me if you love me you know why
When I'm a go? shit I don't know I can't even lie
But I ain't actin like I can't die
Whenever my day comes smile for me people don't cry
I'm sure we had a lot of goodtimes
Yet and still nigga I just keep it real
This sort of like my will telling ya'll how I feel

God forbid but I pray, if I die today
This song'll speak the words that I never got to say
Hey... so let it play

This is my will... This is my will... Telling ya'll how I feel...
My nigga I just keep it real

Free My nigga Dev, my nigga Kenny Boy, D-Lo,
Rest In peace Shawn, Deon, Pebb, Carltonia, Ty,
Rest In peace Cynthia Mckenzie... Watch over ya grandson
Rest In Peace Tony White, Des, Jizzum, D-Roy
Free Nardo, Rest In Peace Lil Larry
Rest In Peace My nigga Keem, I love you... Yea...