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Testo Maintain

[Verse 1:]
It's kill or be killed where I'm living at
Why you think these niggas strapped
These weapons is for protection I know you feeling that
Niggas eagar for stripes your life they'll be ending that
I'm from the city where it gets grimy and gritty at
Where if you ever did dirt niggas gon get you back
Come up on ya slidin wherever they heard you chillin at
We on the grind some of everybody in the trap
And jack boys plotting on which ever niggas gettin stacks
It's hardtimes if I was you I'd tuck ya chain
Niggas upping them thangs
Robbing and bustin brains
Coroners will come clean you up until nothin remains
But a outline of you and a couple bloody stains
Mayne, and I don't think it's gon change
Everyday it's a new nigga out here tryin to get a name
ALotta niggas be living phony nothing like they claim
A nigga like me just trying to maintain

I'm trying man, I'm trying to keep my head on a swivel and my hand on a pistol ya know, Do what I gotta do to stay alive out here I gotta be out here you feel me

[Verse 2:]
I know way too many niggas that dun died where they hang at
So best believe on deck is where that thang at
Bustin at whoever riding by and double back
Cause niggas bending corners and my block ain't having none of that
They know we keep them 45s and them 9s cocked
That's why the ghetto bird out and why 9 out
Niggas stealing cars and robbing niggas crack games
It's turf wars goin on letting straps bang
Niggas taking pills and I ain't talkin vitamins
So when they see they man they gettin him and who he riding with
It ain't our fault we just products of our environment
Plus jobs doing more firing than hiring
I am in a position of street life retirement
Knocking on raps door trying to get inside of it
You can bet your life on it, I'm a do the damn thang
Until then a nigga just trying to maintain

And I will man, fuck a nigga hatin on me man a nigga can't stop me, all it do is make me go harder nigga, I'll never fall off nigga

[Verse 3:]
I keep the same mindstate no matter the crime rate
They say I'm paranoid but fuck what they tryna say
I got a couple of my homies that I'm missing
And I feel like they'd still be here if they wasn't slipping
So I admit sometimes yeah I be tripping
But for the most part people will tell you I be chilling
Mind on a million, focused I tell you
Sprinting to success while hauling ass from failure
And it ain't crazy how the same niggas givin you 5
Prayin for your down fall hoping that you never shine
I could relate shit I'm going through the same thang
But a nigga like me just gon maintain

And that's real talk man, in order to elevate you must eliminate
So I got alotta fuck niggas from out my circle nigga and I'm doin me now. Maintaining nigga