America Eats Her Young Testo

Testo America Eats Her Young

America as often been called the land of opportunity
But you better be careful which one you choose cuz it might come with a penalty
There's lots of good jobs working in a factory cranking out the land mines
And you better be ready to pull the party line or you'll end up doing real time

America likes to keep her children stupid. They don't know how the rest of us live
She wraps them up in a blanket of ignorance waiting to catch the HIV
Beating up their bibles and waving their guns thinking that they're the only way
But if they're not careful the rest of the world's gonna get'em one of these days
America has her finger on the trigger
America's got her bullets in the gun
America's still stringing up niggers
America eats her young

The American president's an angry little man who doesn't have a thought of his own
He's the slave of multi-death corporations and the puppet of religion
He's told what to do by a big machine that doesn't give a shit about us human beings
And it needs the Middle Easy for its Armageddon feast because it is the beast