Old School Testo

Testo Old School

I'm an old school punk rocker - He's a Punk Rocker!
And I can play, hay hay hay - Not One note!
Cuz when we started out - Out Out Out!
You didn't have to - Not Necessary!

Non uh me lyrics rhyme - They Don't Rhyme!
Cuz basically I'm illiterate - He's Illiterate
Actually I'm a bit confused - He's A Bit Confused
And my songs are a bit confusing too - What??
We are Old School - Oi Oi
Old School Old School - Oi Oi
Even if we never finished school - Oi Oi
We're still Old School - Oi Oi

We like to dress up like pirates - Pirates?
We wear funny haircuts and pins and things - Pins And Things!
Then we get drunk and stagger around - They Stagger Around!
And spit on each other and old ladies and things - Spit On Old Ladies!