Holy Shiite Testo

Testo Holy Shiite

There is no point for me to tell you
That your god is just a fairy tale
I can pretend he's Real for now,
For the sake of this conversation
For over two thousand years
He's assumed the position,
The supreme ruler of all your creation
But he's not as you say the loving god
-Of sharing and understanding
More like the selfish god of greed and destruction

And he's leading you into oblivion:

Here's something that's bugging me
If you want Armageddon here's the recipe
It runs right though our society
From the Moslems to the KKK

We've got a 2000 ear old philosophy
That we call Christianity
Now it's the 21st century
If God's so great why aren't we free!!

There's one thing and that's for sure
We can't do no worse than what was done before
Let's fire god and kick him out of this place
Then the humans can run the human race

War is not love, death is not peace
Can't you see it's a mental disease
That makes us believe in the bible instead of our brains
Now that god is fired there's only us to blame

Holy Shite who's on the job
Some bloody wanker by the name of god
This fucking bullshit can't go on anymore
Fire his ass and kick him out the door!!