Happy Birthday Genghis Testo

Testo Happy Birthday Genghis

You are my friend
You'll start filming me as soon as
I press the button for the top floor and
Don't worry about my pants
Just get my face and upper body
From my pocket I'll produce a cupcake with
A candle
then you will hand me your lighter

Don't worry, my friend
The people in the elevator
Will not understand
Nor will they use violence
To stop what will clearly turn on
the emergency sprinklers
For I will begin to sing
As we rise within the steel
And the data

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Ghengis
Happy birthday to you

Because there has never ever been
An Event like this
In the whole history of the earth
Put the film on the internet with the title
Original act for mankind
A giant leap for mankind
Learn how to say "butterfly"
in 23 different ways
Or maybe just man sings happy birthday to Ghengis Khan with a candle in a cupcake in an elevator
because the meaning of life is more life
because the meaning of life is more life... [REPEAT]