La Poutine Testo

Testo La Poutine

Once I see diss english guy
Put some gravy on his fry
I say 'why not try some cheese curd on?'
He say 'no way, frenchie, dass juss wrong.'

When I was a little boy
My brudder break my favorite toy
Den my mudder say to me
'Viens manger poutine, cherie'
La Poutine, la Poutine, �

Some people dey live very far
Where dey live dere is no car
Dey don't have poutine across da sea
But I know dey do in Miami

All winter de Quebecers are dere
Laugh at us, we don't care
We don't need a lot to be 'appy
A beach wit cheese and fries and gravy


Some are good and some are bad
Ask your mom, don't ask your dad
At McDonald dey are okay
But not as good as Swiss Chalet
Quand je me trouve dans la belle province
Et je voie les filles si belles et minces
Je mange ma poutine matin et soir
Et la nuit je vais de bar en bar