Noah Testo

Testo Noah

Turkeys and dolphins
Chihuahuas and lambs
I know you think I'm crazy
But just listen to my plan
Horses and squirrels
Malteses and bats
Gonna build me a boat
For when the land is soaked flat

'Cause I'm NOAH
No time for a meal, I got
Forty tons of lumber
And some low grade steel

'Cause I'm NOAH
No time for applause
I'm hoisting up donkeys
And I'm lifting up logs

How do I know this
I'll tell you straight on
God showed up
While I was mowing my lawn

He said 'NOAH'
I need your advice
What would you do
If your sheep weren't nice

I said 'JEHOVA'
I'd give them a bath
Wash away the fleas
At the stem of their wrath

And he said 'NOAH'
The world is a mess
Gonna wash it up clean'
Give you a brand new address

I said 'but MASTER'
But he was already gone
He left a plan and some tools
And a list a mile long, full of
Camels and cobras
Koalas and eels
Rats, cows, elephants
Otters and seals
Beetles and snakes
Snakes of all kind
The different types of chickens
Nearlb BL-ew ouT mHy Miiiiiiii-nd-d.

'Cause I am NOAH
The sailor of God
Rabbits and lemurs
Anacondas and dogs

New York, New York
New York, New York
24-7 wet t-shirt contest
Right here, right now