Apophis (Welcome To America) Testo

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Testo Apophis (Welcome To America)

I'm from the south before they cleaned it up
When it was dirty and freaky and it belonged to us
Now niggas think it's too easy to get along with us
And them fuckin' housewives make me sick to my stomach
But I digress (but I digress)
No need to ???
You niggas different the same
But you claimed it anyway
I'm just trying to fight the claims
That the doctor off'd his brian
But it's kind of hard to prove my point with Xanax in my veins
Now turn the fuckin' thermostat
Up to burning temper-at-tures
So pure, probably make your fuckin' skin react
Hit it from the back
And make her hair turn from blonde to blak
To gray
It's okay
There's a cure for that quick!
Put your hand over your heart and take off your hat
For the nation that locked up your dad
They slaughtered all your cousins
Sent your Uncle to Iraq
But turn on BET and forget about your past

Nothings on time, everything is on schedule
Welcome to America bitch (bitch)
And it goes: One for the money, 99 for the Hungry
Welcome to America bitch (bitch)
Now isn't it ironic how everyone's iconic HaHaHa
Welcome to America bitch (bitch)
Now leave me yo' coat at the door while you invade my home
Welcome to America bitch (bitch)

While you was at ya 90's
I was traveling
Probably doing 3010
Through the atmosphere fine me
Stroker better then a feather pen writing Chinese
I mean mandarin. Can't be no ignorant man, try me
Traffic, traffic. Looking for some black chicks
Characters like ID, with them freaky accents
Ashed her what is happening? Laughing then, it's Aspen?
Acting like a nigga who ain't never had shit
You ain't never had shit
You gon' act an ass then
Throw some shit across the room
Stand up ???
She do splits
Dreams of writing mad shit
Put it in the cap then
Bury him and then dip
Grew a little bit since
I'm concerned I'm out chea whil'ing
Cause I be with my niggas like my name was Jimmy Fallon
We just out here money piling
And drone on the nigga who be out here getting styling
And dome on a nigga like we out here for the Falcons
Y'all done came with it
But I done came out it
And robbed the whole county
Motherfucker we the ???
Started out tragic
Now we ratpackin, pockets laughing from the grave
Now we Bernie Mac'in