Momma's Calling Testo

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Testo Momma's Calling

Now when I started in this bitch I ain't have no blessing
Nigga was too raw, I ain't have no method
I’m looking for a lightskin chick with no stressing but that’s hard to find like deaths with no lessons
In pussies I go reckless, aim at yo ho freckles
Done lost my damn mind, no time for proper burials
Make her pop that ass left and right then call it stereo
Straight from where they carry though, and schedule you the next to go
You better duck boy I hear they packed an extra roll
You know the code nigga, mashed it, mobbin'
Kicked us out of Sax Fifth when my niggas falled in
We ain't buying shit, we just here to start problems
Guess it’s cause I’m blacker than a muthafuckin' cauldron
He ain't got no manners, he just tying up bandannas
We done forfeited our souls for some chains and control
And a Range and a rove, hell I ain't going back home
Momma I seen too many niggas I done grew up with, you know first round picks that Ricky get down shit
Or hit the court and lost it all man
He slipped up in the clutch, took a shot now he down for 20 falls man
This ain't no Derrick Rose
These niggas ain't got hope, nope give a fuck about yo Balmain winter coat
Yo main with her tote my mane brought his tote
And after mufuckas' hear this I ain't going broke

Hopping out of planes shooting deuces screaming "cheerio"
Tryna see how I can get me a fucking pair of those
Stewardess, take a pose, move bitch throw them bows
Do this shit for Fulton County Stadium and now you know
Fuck a pot of gold, where that mine at
He a rare-as-fuck nigga tell me where you find that
Probably laying on his back
Black sands through the cracks
Snapping views of the hues in the mountains picture that

Torn between faith and foolishness
Smoking with a Buddhist bitch embracing nudity
Rude enough to drop a deuce inside your momma’s mouth and if she chewing it
The golden flakes inside my stool will turn her teeth to jewelry
Fumigate your home or illuminate your dome
But the roaches won't leave unless the lights come on
I might be froze, I’m colder than Poseidon in a miner's vagina
Always welcome, never invited, I can’t help it
I’m clitoris lighting, shocking in a bitches box
When I get up inside it it’s minimal silence
Niggas out here talking bout wifin', like I'm supposed to respect it
Like I'mma think twice before I get that bitch naked
We still thankful for the blessings at the funerals and weddings
I’m cooler than my reflection in a pool of blood
I guess it’s my soul that the demons took a residence
Eviction is the goal on some trying to get to heaven shit, how 'bout it
Lord keep a nigga, lord use a nigga
Lord save a nigga, 'til they grim-reap a nigga
Prayers from a been-hillbilly and a beacher nigga
Freaknik 94’ I was only three my nigga
So you know what the hometown glory mean to me my nigga
Acid in my eyes I still can’t fucking see my nigga
Vibe the city that the industry raped
Live from the land where yo ancestors were slaves