Ultra Rare Testo

Testo Ultra Rare

Oh, here go that shit that you wish you could sound like
You pray for the soundbite
With your key on your sound kite
Your niggas close to broke trying to get your little sound right
Ladies, throw your titties in the air if it sound tight

I know, I fail to fit the mold
Bugatti down the road less traveled
You know I ain't got one of those!
I be camel-back, practicing my humping for my hoes
And he sent me back just to snatch up everything y'all own

So I'm, back in the West End
Posted at the corner of despair and who cares
Giving niggas directions
A pair of Nike Airs and some fake injections
Somebody let me hold it 'cuz the devil keep testing
Ain't never had no people
Neither a team either

Give a fuck about my sneakers, I was raised in the creek
Where the luxury of weeping ain't available you see
And the factory producing a new junky every week
But, Ain't no way around it, Niggas like me had to creep up
Shake they ass down at the table with my feet up
Never seen us coming til' it's over like the Reaper
Tell them girls, "Keep Up, baby I don't need ya!"

I know it's difficult you had it up to here with those
Flashy ass superficial milky nigga cereals
Hangin' with the crew I'm in
Wonder what they really on
I'm just tryna sing a spirit song and put my children on

Lil niggas know Rick Ross
But they don't know they take home
Slow through my city like an elephant
Make this left on Lanehardt, I'll show you where the devil went
They wanna fuck us cuz we militant, relevant, novelous, element
Dressed up like some better win

Marian Mereba:
When I dream
It's your skin I dream of
My body's rare
Did you know this?
Oh, ooooh

Your eyes only see

I woke up to a set of manicured hands around my neck
The plan was to abandon after sex
But I, guess I dropped the ball on this one

And my stomach's steady growling, growling
Cannibal on stage as I gaze into the stage and decide who I'll be chowing
Childish, major moves daily, daily, daily
Daily sprouting, out the fucking box that you tried to lock us down in

But still a nigga quite perturbed, (oh well)
But these might be my last words (oh well)
And if you dare to look me in the eye for too long
Guarantee your eyesight gets blurred

I'm arguing with myself as my body starts to rebel
As the cartilage in my legs was causing my knees to fail
I promise, I fuckin swear, I'm too honest to make it here
I'ma probably pull a Chappelle, get my dollars and disappear!