Little Desert Testo

Testo Little Desert

Little Desert came and went
We drove by, we were on our way
All the money we were lent
We blew it, we threw it away
We were dreaming of a freedom
Or just the taste

When the stars hit the sky
We slowed down, we rolled into town
Baby, just you and I
No lights on, and no one around
Got that feeling, started scheming
To take it down

We pulled in to a motel
Checked in, and locked all the doors
Somewhere deep, my heart it feel
No matter how many times, I still want more
Baby, you promised
Gave me your honour
We're gonna break the law

Oh, oh fired shots in the air
Going according to plan, yet I was scared
Oh, oh opened fire on them all
The thrill it was burning as we took it all

Little Desert came and went
We flew by, we tried to escape
Speeding down the highway
With the sirens hot on our trail
We were dreaming of a freedom,
Driving straight to the grave