Old Flame Testo

Testo Old Flame

Take this heavy heart
Take it away
Should've known from the start
We'd end up this way
Now I'm feeling cold, and lo and behold you're the same

Tell me, is is the truth?
You just shut down your love
What am I now to you?
Were you lonesome and starved?
I want to know, but I'm just not ready to ask

The first time was fine,
We were free, we got wild
But your heart won't be tamed
Oh, old flame
Don't know how, but you burnt me again

Think I'd have had enough
Of playing your games
Unrequited love, oh how'd you find me again?
And, why must I feel this way?

The second time
You'd have thought I'd have got wise
Only took one look from those eyes
Oh, old flame
Here we are, and I'm burning again

Once more
How I fell
I'm but a fool under your spell
When you don't feel the same
Oh, old flame
You got me
Why do I let you treat me so mean?
I can't stand the heat
Oh, old flame
You burnt me again