Canzone Delle Domande Conuete (Englisch) Testo

Testo Canzone Delle Domande Conuete (Englisch)

Canzone delle domande consuete Song of usual Questions Still here with our questions, still here pretending that time has not the same price As if past and present had not the same bitter taste with a salty aftertaste. You don?t know the questions, but I wouldn?t answer venturing too difficult words; You were beautiful, I know, and how beautiful you are; there?s so much in silence and glances. If I?m here I don?t know what I am, if you want, what I am and would be, what I?ll be tomorrow... Don?t tell anything more, if you can, let your eyes and your hands tell it for you. Please don?t go... go! Don?t stay here...stay! Don?t tell me... tell me about you! We both know that so many things that seemed so different as an asphalted meadow Get lost and are swept away by days running like swollen rivers in flood... And we keep on floundering for nothing, keeping our memories, caressing our age; Are we stalled or are we cruelly and unconsciously refusing our right to be happy? If you?re here, what are you? What are you thinking, why? We don?t know, are we here or elsewhere? Being ev?rything for one moment, but inside you. Getting all things but tomorrow. Please don?t go...go! Don?t stay here...stay! Don?t tell me.... tell me about you! And we?re here, naked in this season joining motionlessness with motion; I can?t tell if a period?s beginning or ending, if it?s raining or not raining Ready to say "Good Morning", to reply "Fine, thanks", to smile at a hello, to ask How are you? It doesn?t blow tonight. Are we together, aren?t we? Isn?t there a town outside yet? If there is, let?s dance there tonight, let?s sing a new song with our friends... So many years have gone, and I?m still waiting for spring with a lump in my throat. Please don?t go...go! Don?t stay here...stay! Don?t tell me... tell me about you! Please don?t go..go! Don?t stay here...stay! Don?t tell me...tell me about us!