Gulliver (englisch) Testo

Testo Gulliver (englisch)

Gulliver Life and Travels of Sir Lemuel Gulliver, Explorer In his long Hours of Rest and Memories That only a certain Age may give Sir Lemuel Gulliver us?d to remind the Time When he would sail o?er the Main And smiling as he only doth smile Who doth not fear his Future any more He talked to his Grandsons, who listen?d to enchanted Stories Of distants Shores, Smells, Giants and Dwarfs, Of Crews and Men of Science, of talking wise Horses Filling the English Sky with Mirages. But, if one?s Desires are only Nostalgia Or Melancholy of countless, diff?rent Lives In his old Friends whom he met along the Way In their bewilder?d, dismay?d Souls He felt the intellectual Blabbering and the Aphasia Of them, who were longing for Understanding But, confusing Travels with their Parodies And Dreams with the Action of Leaving away Of all his Lives he had rov?d under the Sunrays Only empty Word Shells were left over. Then, when he was recalling the never-ending Series Of Travels lost in his memory The giant was feeling in his Absent-Mindedness The rough & coarse Sense of History And in the old Exactness of the Human Project Or in his vain, in his limitèd World He felt the cruel Loneliness of a Dwarf, He felt the cruel Loneliness of a Dwarf In the Half-Immensity of Universe; Both faces of a Medal shouting at him That he won?t learn, that he won?t learn Anything at all from Time and Sea.