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Testo Farewell (Englisch)

Farewell Farewell You smiled, you knew how to do it Twenty years of age that look?d the same As your wrinkled sweater o?er a pair of blue jeans, As the liveliness you were feelin? inside Burstin? out for no reason one day, and cherishing A thought or a love blossomin? tho? you don?t know what it is. Long days between past and present, strange days We spent wonderin? what it was, meetin? ev?ry night, I used to call you up ev?ry night Wearin? my funny sheepskin jacket, An ev?ry night I got upstairs like dancin? And I heard your steps approachin? And your good mood going pit-a-pat like rain When you open?d the door, your smile pierced my heart. And the bar just downstairs where we used to meet, It was something if we got to talk lookin? each other Among friend who were laughin? and playin? ?round tables full of bottles of wine, Stayin? up late like a rite, till dawn came; And one night you let me take you away, Only fog and we both like sentinels All the town was sleepin? and had never been so beautiful. Life was easy then, easy at any time Guitars, short-lived stories like lightnings Gettin? new dreams ev?ry night Just like pretty children of times changin? And it look?d ev'ry night like you were challengin' life. But we found one day, so amazed and happy, That something deeper had risen, We thought we had found the secret key of the world. ?t wasn?t easy lovin' each other, stayin? together And plannin? our future after we went clear, Both of us imaginin? "Who will he, she be with now?" And a thought always hammerin?, always Our memory shining so hard like a diamond Lettin? take us away at every step By an emotion we had not fully grasped: Meetin? again was a sort of rebirth But ev?ry story?s the same illusion and conclusion: Our sin was thinkin? a normal story was special. Now time?s crushin? and wearin? us out In ev?ry day passin? by or runnin? away, Lookin? at us ironically with scorning glances. We ain?t heroes anymore, for sure, Ready to face up to ev?rything together; We?re like two leaves catchin? hold of a branch. Farewell, don?t worry and forgive me If I have stolen a little of your summer from you With something so easily broken like past stories. Maybe this could move your heart one day But now I think it?s no use, you see, Ev?ry time you cry 'n' laugh you ain?t cryin' 'n' laughin' with me.