Just Take My Heart Testo

Testo Just Take My Heart

I feel the cold September rain
falling from the sky

look up and pray they'll wash away
these weary tear stained eyes

you left behind a shattering mess
seems like you only took the best
as you tore me in two
i wanna know why didn't you...

just take my heart
it's already been broken
into far too many little pieces
to be useful to anybody else
especially myself
so please... just take my heart

its three am it's you again
weighing on my mind

i'm wide awake the night just makes
each moment freeze in time

you got my thoughts - captured my soul
reeled it right in, won't let it go

seems that's what you do
so tell me again, why didn't you...


yeah, you might as well - because
keeping it's been hell -- it's cost
more than i can stand
why won't you lend a hand, and please...

just take my heart...