On A Rainy Day Testo

Testo On A Rainy Day

Come again, I didn't understand
You tell me that my life will turn around

Then you say that itll be okay
You push the clouds away
And I can see
The dark is almost done
Its getting light
You're like the sun

On a rainy day
when there's nothing there to get me through
I just think of you
And I know inside something's changed
You help me get me out
of my own way
On a rainy day

Caught up in the trend
I notice that I tend to lose myself, then feel like hell
And so it goes, until you pull me close
And tell me I'm the most beautiful
Soul you've ever met
That's something that
You don't forget


to hear your voice, soothes my mind
take my heart, take your time
there's no rush
I know that soon you'll fade away
The black, the blues, the shades of grey