She's Got Issues Testo

Testo She's Got Issues

she says please can you help me I'm lost
without making a sound
avoiding their path, but whenever they cross
they make her feel low as the ground
that's why she acts like there's something to prove
and looks down on everyone else
she doesn't care she's got nothing to lose
feels like she's not good enough
as she walks away overhearing them say

she's got issues
I heard that she's outta' her mind
going under, no wonder
she's wound so tight
they're all saying
there's no doubt the end wouldn't even faze her
wrists are sitting waiting for another razor
writing miss yous already, yeah
she's got issues
she looks at a sunset, and just sees the fire
burning holes in her heart
she's not on the edge, she's a bird on a wire
but sometimes she leans way too far
though she's here to stay -- she still hears them say

fast forward to
another time another place
another girl with my face

as i approach shhh its her
words become a whisper
smile and they wave
but its all a charade

cause just as i walk away
i overhear them say