Tick Tock Testo

Testo Tick Tock

tick, tock here's what's up doc please take a seat because i think you'll be shocked at the news i'm about to tell you, yes it's true you've got assiduous blues... boy you're buying back time no more dancing and rhyme there's only one way, why not make it today? because it's true.. you've got assiduous blues yeah hey now take this simple clue you've got the lazy hazy nothing to do's God's still waiting, his heart's still aching for you to make the move and rid those assiduous blues tick tock just look at the clock you're one step away from just making that change i once too had those assiduous blues boy you're running the mill and it's all up hill won't you see the light, just surrender your will don't refuse, no don't refuse rid those assiduous blues yeah hey hey hey what you waiting for now hey hey well there's no use delaying more now hey hey time is just a wasting bee bop those assiduous blues