Without A Thought Testo

Testo Without A Thought

i remember the first day we met i met you on a Sunday your puppyface had wooed my heart by ten I pondered love, and then the games began I guess it's true when they say that love is blind it's a dating revolution always ready to jump with two feet in ready to go without a thought then the games begin pick me flowers, stare for hours comb your fingers through my hair tell me this will last a lifetime hold my hand in public so my friends will see but really, is this just a dream? i remember the day we said goodbye and the tears in your eyes you told me you just wanted to be friends it's funny the games become a trend picked me flowers, stared for hours combed your fingers through my hair you told me this would last a lifetime held my hand in public so my friends would see but really, was this just a dream? well i just have a question for you what about commitment? what does it mean to you?