When We First Dated Testo

Testo When We First Dated

when we first dated you'd never hesitate to say I'd look great when we first dated you'd always think of me, never make me wait when we first dated you'd romance me off my feet we'd talk all night, never ever would fight do anything for me... anything for me when i was a young girl, in pigtails, muddy shoes i'd always pray that one day i'd have a prince like you but now we're married, sometimes so lonely there are days I don't even recognize you taken for granted, not appreciated a lonely place for two... when i feel my heart break, and i'm crying over you i've learned to pray everyday that God will see us through because I am married and love you only.. I'll never give up on you i know you love me, please show me you love me as much as i love you... as much as I love you