Sunday Night Is Fair Testo

Testo Sunday Night Is Fair

We were wondering what went wrong
Was it time when I got turned off
By those things you know
By those things you know

Got tired of hanging on
And trying to love one song
On the radio
On the radio
And on and on
Get up get off
Come on come on
As I lead I can say

And I gave up mine
Had a made up mind
As I lead I know

And you made up mind
With your made up mind
It's all that you know

Sunday night I'm there and walk it around
Taking up the air an empty downtown
When ahead and killed the time that I found
Always in my head I'm hearing some sound
What we wouldn't give to never be bad
Ever taking in and living underground
Better be man and under some cloud
Sunday night is fair and never so down

Ooooh la la-la