Devoured By Desire Testo

Testo Devoured By Desire

Passion is the curse of the ravenous,
In a world that we live in, but cannot trust.
Where materialists are common, hypnotized by wealth,
And objects are prioritized above societies health.
And we're tricked into sacrificing self respect
And everyone we know is suddenly a suspect.
In a world where everyone's at an objective war,
And we'll kill our own brother for a little more.
Sacrifice everything for artificial happiness,
Consumed by our own voraciousness.
Blind to the true values in life,
And how much we choose to sacrifice.
It's strange to think about societies greed,
And that something so small could bring us to our knees.
Desire is a tool to transform our being,
And could destroy mankind if given opportunity.
Because corporality has us on it's short leash,
And we're devoured by a fucked up society