Pussywhipped Testo

Testo Pussywhipped

You're lust for her is her weapon, and you are her victim.
You've fallen into the trap of the lowest grade of scum.
How much have you given her? And for what in return?
Just another burden, as your money burns.

She demands respect. You always give it.
You're always faithful. She denies commitment.

You're pussywhipped!
She gets off on the thought that she controls you,
That she gets what she wants and can tell you what to do.
Always meeting her demands because you fear her short fuse,
Dumbstruck by lust, you are being used!

She milks you for everything that you have to give,
While you remain nothing to her, but the funds on which she lives.
So committed to pleasing her, you're such a wreck.
But she'll never leave you, as long as you bring her your check