Systematically Raped (Fuck You All) Testo

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Testo Systematically Raped (Fuck You All)

A purgatory world, of malevolence and man's creation.
Corrupted by mankind, and civilized on a greed foundation.
Driven by the brink of... insanity.
I found this land and I took it by force,
Slaughtering those that lived here before.
How many innocent lives were lost?
Just so I could have what I want.
I slaughtered the innocent and forced them from their homes.
I industrialized this land and took it for my own.
I murdered thousands, but that's alright.
Overwhelmed by greed, what am I doing?
On this land I built a nation of hypocrisy,
The “Land of the Free” on a foundation of greed.
My laws prohibit murder, and that's alright.
Because they don't pertain to me, what am I doing?
I must have it any means...necessary...


To all of you who think that you're some kind of gift.
To all of the burdens that the law won't let me lift.
Just thinking that you're better, makes you so much worse.
It's time that you realize that you're the scum of the earth.
Fuck you and what you think of me!
Fuck anything that you expect me to be!
Fuck all of you that think that you know it all,
You don't know shit, so Fuck You All!