Light Years Testo

Testo Light Years

Somewhere else, on the other side of nowhere, there's another place in space.
Beyond what you know as time.

Shine your light now, Travel lightyears. Find your light now. Travel lightyears.

The epitome of energy enhanced centering.
Mentally beginning at the end. Remembering entering the gates of the temples of infinity.
Riveting innate sensibilities, epiphanies levitating thoughts from the earth to begin to see,
When the trees underneath my feet then begin to shrink. Eye level birds eye view where the buildings be.
Tendency to find my alignment. It renders me helpless. Submit to the force that is lifting me.
Instantly, the planet looks small but my senses free fall, should I say rise.
Seems I'm in too deep, whole life flash by my eyes in like twenty-three seconds.


As I pass mars, mass stars, planets all ajar in the solar system.
See me float farther out of the galaxy. I realize there are more. How far does it go.
I wonder if there are no endings, beginnings. Yesterday is just tomorrow.
Seen another sun, another earth, another mars. So far into space, wonder will I see the father,
Learn the mysteries that were written by the author. If it doesn't end, where's it from, where'd it start though.
Does it have direction or is all of this is all for nothing just a bunch of molecules who have lost our way.
To my left thought I saw a flying saucer.


Spotted a door floating in the distance it started getting more close.
Felt as though I was about to have a metamorphosis. Cold lavender colours, everything was more, plus
Seven discs on the door spinning in a whirl, plus opened up my minds eye,
Told me that a world was dwelling deep within way vaster than this world was.
Flesh is temporary, just a dream, just a surface. Everyone's connected to one aim and one purpose.
Empty out your thoughts, tame the lions in the circus.
Opened up the door just to see what was inside, woke up in my room, it was all in my mind.
It's all in the mind