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Testo Nicotine

Cardboard boxes, nicotine and rain are the things you gave to me
and blazin' eyes are just my hurricanes
smokin' guns and spinnin' wheels they scream with a silver light that bleeds
buildin' bones I break 'em in a dream

And I want to breathe all the smoke that's floating through your eyes tonight

Black cats crossin' yellow lines they pass and a force from inside me
trippin' how my life could end so fast
switch it out then slowly turn the key and make up your next move
blinkin' in the light can't look at me

My fingers bleed as I grab for the edge - I can see it up ahead
hopeless dreams are washed away with the smoke that's in my head

Ridin' on a wave of consequece and it slowly melts away
nowadays my life is out of sense
burnin' life right down to a blackened soul and the wick is dead with wax
into a place where age can't help me now