On Your Own Testo

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Testo On Your Own

Look into this lover's soul climbin' out this rabbit hole called life
and I've fallen just like alice
all your years of made-up eyes and livin' semi-conscious lies
that hide themselves behind your malice

What you wanted me to be, what you wanted me to see
is somethin that's just not right
what you wanted me to see, what you wanted me to be
is somethin' I still can't fight
Hold on to your memories, they are all you'll ever need
when everybody else is gone
when you take the long way home you will find it better
on your own

It's funny how it changes you seeing a new point of view
from eyes that dwell bebind a curtain
it's never just a gentle fall, whether it was worth it all for you
I'll never know for certain

Hold on to your memories, everything that you believe
when everybody else is wrong