Wrong Kinda Girl Testo

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Testo Wrong Kinda Girl

Innocence burns in the mask that she wears
confession forgives the sin that she bears
you'd never know that you're under her spell
she lives in the moment but dances in hell

I see she knows just what to do
you can tell in the way that she moves
I know she's just a tease
soon all the boys will be on their knees
She's the wrong kinda girl for her Catholic world
she don't fit in the scene in her plaid, black and green

She's makin' a name for herself tonight
shakin' her game in the white-hot light
I can see passion to my suprise
from child to woman before my eyes

Tryin' to make this night last but she's movin' so fast
you can sense her desire, she's just playin with fire

A woman child, completely wild
wants a taker, I can't make her