Oversight Testo

Testo Oversight

the fever for war
or reprisal for offenses
real and imagined
the fever's chorus
a herded bloodlust
a being both wolf and sheep
it's thirst directed
the prey pre-selected
by the great coddling father
stoking fires in the cowards intellect
the celebration of ordnance exploding
another's home in some other world
another war to revel in the blessing of our killing capacity
to find purpose in the leveled homes
of some other working class families
our destiny is manifest once again
for god and for country we bow our heads
the working class children, the glorious dead
for building empires they all lay dead
to consolidate power, the glorious dead
as with every other
another war fought by the sons and daughters
of the working class
for the betterment of our rulers
one more battle in this perpetual war
to bring this long promised peace
that every day looks more like the coming of
the long denied American empire
as with every other
the captured lands never go quietly
and you must know what to expect
now more body bags, crying wives
now more corpses rising on all sides
that great destroyer of lives
In the fog of war every life is cheap
all morals seize and justice sleeps
and more will die after these