Worship And Murder Testo

Testo Worship And Murder

You've brought much to bare
at the feet of your lord
much to bare and much to make amends for
If your christ walked in these days,
you'd have surely had him killed
The failure to preach your fiery sermons
would find him condemned
Words of peace and brotherhood
could not bode well for an agenda
so hungry for conflict and acquisition
That we wage a war
That can never be won
On the ears of animals
all noble words are wasted
Any attempt to better all human life
falls behind the desires of a selfish culture
that thinks itself so benevolent
In your human churches,
more plentiful than one could conceive,
the words spill out,
both pride and wrath,
both love and hope,
from within ornate houses,
glittering temples to exalt a god
who shouldn't care for the expense of your shrines
while people starve
who shouldn't be pleased for the wars in his name
when two people that love each other cannot marry
who could not be proud of his children's need
to draw borders across this land
In a world of human failure
your god has closed his eyes
While people die for nothing
your god has closed his eyes
One life sacrificed could never pay this debt
And you continue to pile your sins upon that cross