The Lines Are Drawn Testo

Testo The Lines Are Drawn

I'll lay no praise
at the feet of the tainted and vile beasts
that call themselves men
whose aim to distill our energy
to meet their needs
rob our souls
to fuel their rotted institutions
no authority given
to be drawn and quartered
by the horsemen of an impending,
murderous apocalypse
I will lay waste
to the expectation
of falling in line
of joining ranks
with the swelling masses
of picking up the call to values
the smiling hatred and
discompassionate doublespeak
I will not bow my head
to the masters
power and commerce
under god
beasts wrapped in the cloths
of righteousness
implausible claims of equal access
to the wealth of the few
to chase what dreams we have yet to abandon
we build their dreams
we feed our bodies
we feed our lives
to build their dreams
but have no illusions
we've seen behind the masks
and we keep our true selves from them
Until they kill us
until we die
They'll never win our hearts and minds