Heart Sings Testo

Testo Heart Sings

There's no rush
Don't sweat the hold up
I'll take the whole month, if I want
Who knows how long
"At onces" not once from now on
Go at my own pace
Have patience ladies and hombres
All praises due
Book of life's skim pages [?] through
Chapter one
I rep just because it have just begun
Think under the gun
Everything under the sun
So what's up?
I'm getting into something, don't interrupt
Powerful stuff
Suckers are awful stuck
On hook
And such if I ain't touching I don't look
If it ain't sunny I don't spaz
If it ain't funny I don't laugh
Saving your hides
Guess that y'all was only resting your eyes
For the rest of your lives
The chosen
Got flaws and don't care bout who knows 'em
[Had more] moments ago, I outgrows 'em
I tuned out
So where to now?
The year 2000, WOW!
Time flies when you have fun
Yo I'm the last one that you wanna hear from
In a stern tone
I'm about to see whose sternum is a firm bone
Jonwayne is the best
Not the one from the Westerns, the one from the West
Far as the rest they either stepped up and repped him or [?] read them and wpt
Me, I rep to the death
But I am not dead just yet
Forgive and forget
And watch the go-getter go get