Sly Fox Testo

Testo Sly Fox

Yo don't mind the Cumpleaños Feliz that ain't got nothing to do with it, but I just think it sounds good
Cumpleaños Feliz
Cumpleaños Feliz
Cumpleaños Feliz
Cumpleaños Feliz

I'm sitting on this girl's stoop kinda stalkerish
But she don't live too far from my block so fuck it why not?
Feeling her like eight years
But every time i'm pedalling near she switch gears and disappear
One day we rode bikes on the west side all the way to harlem
Even if she wasn't really darlin'
To keep it real she actually kinda mean
But i think that she just moody from all the weed that she be smoking plus her booty kinda mean
Actually it's mean as she could ever be
Every time I get to see it live it's even meaner than my memory
One day I got to see it up close and tried to kiss it
Even though I only saw it once I kinda miss it
Day I saw it didn't even make use of it
I was too nervous to even get it up and ask the truth of it
Couldn't believe that she was in my bed naked
Begging for me to take it, guess I couldn't take it
Thought I'd get to try it next day since she was digging me
But never did, seems like ever since she been igging me
Every now and then she lighting up
But then I do some shit that I don't even mean to do to make it tighten up
Like texting her too early in the morning when she still asleep
She asked me not to in a way that wasn't too sweet
But unlike the [?] getting high
So I agreed but then of course it wasn't long 'fore I forgot
And then there was the time she thought I made her pay the cheque
As if I was being rude, "why the cheque come 'fore the meal?
Like it's fucking fast food", I don't know I went to tell her
I don't know, she really thought that I was lying
I know you might be thinking why I still be even tryin'?
All this chasing seems subversive
But I swear to God this girl is like the most artistic person
She can paint, and she draw, and she can knit, and she can DJ, and she's crazy at them all
And she's tall, and really pretty, and I know it's not profound
But she be eating really shitty and she never gains a pound
And she was nice to me before I got signed
She was nice to me when I out of my mind
Really skinny, barely eating, and rocking the George Jefferson
I played her [?], my buns was sticky she was lucky to win
I grew to her and we could be the best of friends
She even let me watch part of an episode of Master M
Oh no wait I just imagined that, imagine that
Now it's force of habit, tryna get all in her habitat
If it came to light that she would have me, yo I'd probably do the cabbage patch
Oh the beat's over....
But she plays soccer too, she's hot!