Talking (Bleep) Testo

Testo Talking (Bleep)

Yo, I was riding my bike down the bike path
Going the wrong way, but who's to say what the wrong way is?
Unless they not minding they business
Along comes this chick, like "you're going the wrong mister"
In her brain she thought she was a authority figure
Even though she was a bitch I still killed her with kindness
And was like "thank you miss" despite the fact she sounded like this

I love my fans but sometimes I can't understand
When they tell me about they favorite jams
Like "yo I'm waiting for another jam exactly like this one"
I don't make the same jam or record twice
I am way too nice
So please don't ever in your life come to me with suggestions
You'll get dismissed
On top of the fact you'll sound like this

The other day I got a call from the people at HuffPo
That made me think they dumb slow
They wanted to know
What I thought about some rap beef
Between and a dude that's mediocre and a dude that's okay
I was like oh, you don't say?
Didn't I just send you an entire article about the link between mass media and private prisons
That I thought was really important but you was like "No, it isn't"
Next instant you got the gumption
To hit me up to try and talk about some dumb shit
You sound like this
This girl told me that she loved me
Yo she said it on the regular
But then I met another fly chick
And she was mad when I went to get with her
I had to tell her "Yo, I love it when you visit me
But I don't understand why you wanna limit me"
She told me "Grow up stop acting like a kid"
I had to tell her "Yo, that ain't what love is"
You sound like this

People hit me up for verses and never mention the budget
They are the definition of bugging
I understand where you coming from
I know you on the come up and ain't rich
But why you gotta sound like this?

I met a rapper that sucks who is way more famous than I am
Can you believe sucka tried to kick some knowledge to the Boy Sand
Telling me that I was a brand
And I should think about rocking with a band
And it's a good thing I got on Instagram
And a bunch of other, meaningless nonsense
Shut up dick you sound like this