Priority Male Testo

Testo Priority Male

All of you are not pretending to fly
Your feet have never left the ground you stand on
Slow dreamers have a subtle tendency to stay
On the sacred land where they were raised

It was a choice you made

You all have major issues we see but
That hasn't stopped you so far you know, so
Clean up your act then you can inhale priority
Oxygen from the air

What a public display of human indecency
I won't take pity for the choices you made
And your ego now turns to dust

For the record I've been playing your game behind your back
You've been trying real hard not to let this go
But now it's time to rid the rust

Time is money and the job seems to suit you all oh so right
Above the reputation lies a bigger
Image you can't see or hear

We're insignificant compared to the deepest space out there
Get it through your head