Beauty Queen Sister Testo

Testo Beauty Queen Sister

Everybody loves the beauty queen sister
But she always got the broken heart
'Cause she work hard to keep what God gave her
But the devil he's just pulling it apart
Hang on tight
Hang on tight now
Mama's got a friend name Monkeyman
With a two-seater bike
And a tattoo stand
He's gonna take me for that ride
He knows I've been losing ground most of my life
Hang on tight
Hang on tight now
Daddy prayed so hard
That Jesus came down and took him
Left me speaking in tongues
And hungry for something
So I fed the family, I changed out the sparks
But every day I gained, another fell apart
Hang on tight now
Hey little sister, I dig it okay
Looking for the fountain of love
Where the wild heart reigns
And the knife draws blood
And beauty is redeemed
But Cherry and Dallas won't ever be the same
Pony watched Johnny die
nothing gold can stay
And those street kids and beauty queens
They don't stand a chance
So hang on tight...
Monkeyman says draw your picture
Give it some ink, hear the needle whisper
For all the broken hearts and the passing fancies
Pull the inside out, when you can
Hang on tight
Hang on tight now